Product name: Organic FEEDGEL


Organic FEEDGEL is a pregelatinized, cold-water swelling wheat starch. Selected food grade wheat flours and untreated spring water are the basis of this product. The product corresponds to the Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and is produced under control number DE-NW-039-2846-OBCD.


  • Milk replacement feedstuff
  • Pelletized individual, mixed and supplemental feed products
  • Flaked fish feed and pet food
  • Semi-moist dog and cat food
  • Carrier substance for amino acids, minerals and feedstuff additives


  • Thickening and stabilization of liquid calf feed
  • Pregelatinized carbohydrate source for animals
  • Improves and stabilizes feed pellets and flakes
  • Improved juiciness and fresh-keeping

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